How to get Her Interested in Shooting Games

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“First person Shooting games are always fun”

After all the effort we put in looking up Canadian cheater website reviews and just trying to find someone to enjoy hanging out with, it can seem like we may never find someone who shares enough of our hobbies to want to stay with them long term. The fact of the matter is that most of the time, you won’t ever find someone that meets everything you want in a girl and still wants to date you. At least, that hasn’t been our experience, and you’re one lucky guy if it’s happened even once. For most of us, however, it’s a matter of compromise and picking which things are most important for us just to get into a relationship. If she fits those important criteria, we can usually work with the rest. Hobbies, particularly gaming ones can be easier than you might think to convince her of sharing, and so may be worthwhile things to wait on if you like the rest of what she has to offer.

Figure out Where She’s Coming From

“Ask her what kind of game she is comfortable playing with”

Of course, we don’t mean asking if she’s from Ontario or Quebec. What we mean is finding her comfort zone when it comes to gaming in general. Is it something she has never really had an interest in, or does she just play other games? Is she squeamish about guns or just feels better holding one in her hands instead of guiding one with a controller? These sorts of grounding questions are going to help you find a starting point for teaching her a game you want to play. Some of these scenarios are not only going to affect which game you ultimately choose, but how you get her interested in trying it and the way to teacher her how to play.

Tailor Your Introduction to Her

The most important thing after finding the right starting point is to tailor her introduction to shooters on that knowledge base. This means, if she is already used to shooting real guns, or is more comfortable playing something like laser tag or airsoft, it may be a better idea to find a game that supports gun like controls that she can just aim and the screen and shoot. If, however, the very concept of holding a gun kind of freaks her out, it may be worth your while to explore why that is. Having an aversion to violence in general, or not being able to take blood or gore is a pretty sure sign that this isn’t going to work and it’s better to just cut your losses and focus on finding something else the two of you can do together. Trust us when we say pushing the issue is not going to end well.

On the other hand, she might be gamer already and just does not play that type of game or isn’t terribly familiar with the type of controls involved. This can actually be a little tricky and if not done right mean a swift return to Canadian cheater website reviews in lieu of a fun night hanging out on your console of choice. Pay attention to exactly where she’s coming from and you will be able to avoid the most common pitfalls when it comes to convincing her to play something with you she just isn’t used to doing. First, check the genre of games she seems most interested in playing. Anything story heavy like thrillers, mystery or RPGs means your best bet is finding a shooter that also falls into one of those categories, as the story may be enough to spike her interest. Also pay close attention the control scheme she’s most familiar with. If she’s good with a mouse and keyboard, try to find a game you can play on the computer, or a console that will allow you to hook up a keyboard and mouse as well as the basic controller. Vice versa for someone used to consoles.

Keep Her Interested By Showing Her Why You Like Them

“Ask her to play the game with you”

One of the most important things when it comes to introducing anything you like at all is emphasizing why you really enjoy it and want her to enjoy it with you. Most women are willing to compromise on things like a shared hobby if it means getting to spend more time with you and keeping you off Canadian cheater website reviews. They are typically less interested in whatever the hobby might be on its own and more invested in the fact that you enjoy it. That is why your best bet is to get her to watch you play it and explain to her as you go why something was awesome or how long it took you to perfect a certain move and things of that sort. Showing there is a level of skill and expertise involved will help stem the frustrations of initial failures, especially if she knows going in that it took you a while to get to the level you currently play at.

One of the other major benefits of drawing her in through your own excitement is that you don’t make the mistake of attempting to find something that appeals to her. Generally speaking, unless you’ve been in the relationship for a while already, any assumption about what she likes are going to be made based more on stereotypes and offhand comments than actual knowledge of her tastes. So skip that which can very quickly lead down the wrong road or perhaps even turn her off the option entirely and a stay with the stuff you like about the game or genre instead. In the end, anyone who is invested enough in a relationship to keep you off Canadian cheater website reviews is going to be more convinced by demonstrations of your own enjoyment than awkward appeals to what she might like. Especially when you don’t know for certain what those things are.

If you are wondering about the cheater websites, you can read our test results and reviews of cheater dating sites. The best cheating sites are the ones, which offer you some important guidelines to manage a relationship and also helps you find a likeminded partner.

Be Patient and Encouraging

“Let her win first”

Lastly, the best advice we can give for actually starting the introduction to the genre and specific game you’ve chosen is to be patient and encouraging. We actually suggest not to start with a game that’s new to you both, as there are often times you will be frustrated by new controls or confounded by a specific objective that can bleed over into her enjoyment of it as well. Pick a game you are at least relatively familiar with, even if it’s not your favorite, so you know what to expect and can teach through it rather than learn along with her. If, after she gets comfortable with the controls you want to try playing through a new game together, that’s fine. At the start, however, focus more on games that you can provide accurate guidance through. Especially if she’s completely new to the control scheme or the genre in general, she is going to want time to figure it out instead of getting rushed into keeping pass with the speed you sail through the new content. In fact, it can come off as more intimidating than anything else. So stick to supportive, patient commentary and make sure to carve out enough time that she doesn’t feel rushed.


Using Sports to Get On Her Good Side

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“Women are into sports as well”

We’re not sure why a lot of guys in Winnipeg seem to think that women aren’t as into sports as any men are, but trust us–they really are into it. This is why you can always use sports to get on her good side, and it’s honestly just a matter of knowing what particular sports she’s into. While a lot of guys might not think this is a valid sex dating tip, they’re very, very wrong. This is the kind of thing that really makes women pay attention to you, because honestly, how many other opportunities are they going to have in Winnipeg with a guy that talks about what they’re really into?

Find Out What She Likes

“Ask her what she likes”

First and foremost, it’s important to find out what she likes in the world of sports. This should seem like an obvious thing, but far too often, guys just try to push their own interests off on the ladies when it comes to sports. This should be a universal sex dating tip, truth be told: always find out what she’s into first, and then add your own interests from there. By doing this, you’ll really end up being able to get what you want out of something while still catering to what she likes…and she’ll be that much more into you for making that particular effort. Check any sex dating guide, they’ll tell you to consider her interests first. Also, learn how to spot an online dating scam and understand scam identifying strategies because sometimes women will just say ‘Yes’ to everything you like as they want to scam you. So, don’t forget to ask her about her interests first.

Once you’ve figured out what she likes, you’ll be able to really chat her up about it. Women really want to talk about the things that they’re into, and sports are no exception. You might find yourself surprised about how passionate she is about certain topics, and that’s why you should ultimately just let her be on a roll about it. She’ll probably want to talk your ear off about certain subjects, and that’s fine. So long as she’s passionate about it and you’re catering to that passion, she’s going to be that much more into you for listening–and that means you’re really going to get laid a lot more for it.

Talk About the Stars

“Talk about her favorite sports person”

Here’s the thing about women: they might be really into the land of sports in general, but they’re also attracted to the athletes more often than not. While this isn’t always true, it’s true a good percentage of the time, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Be real with yourself here: you’re attracted to female athletes as well, especially the ones that look like they’re supermodels on springy muscular legs. Women are attracted to the star athletes for the exact same reason, and that’s because they look gorgeous.

This is why talking about the stars of the sports world is usually a good way to bring up sports into a conversation. If you find out that she’s into tennis, mention Roger Federer. She’ll either start swooning or spitting fire about why she hates him, but either way, you’ll definitely be able to spark up a conversation with her about it. Being able to talk to her and enjoy one another’s company is going to make her that much more into you, and that’s probably one of the best sex dating tips we could ever possibly hand out. The more into her interests you are–sports or no–the more into you she’s going to be without a single doubt.

Play With Her

“Involve her in your play”

Does she like a certain sport? If so, then play it with her. While she might just be used to being a spectator, that’s not always going to be the case at all. She might actually be a pretty proficient player herself, or she might even be amazing. No matter what her skill level, however, there’s no reason not to offer her a chance to play the sport that she really enjoys, and this can also lead to some pretty sweaty, hot foreplay between the two of you if it’s all done right.

Sports can really get your adrenaline pumping, and when it comes to hookups, that’s always a good thing. No matter the sport that she’s into, we’re sure that you can make it into something that’s fun and sexy without being overt about it. You can tease her while the two of you are playing a game, and you can really get into it when the two of you are sweaty and out of breath by the end of it. You can tell her how hot she looks when she’s like this, and that’s probably going to really make her that much more interested into jumping into the sack with you and getting even sweatier in the privacy of a closed bedroom.

Teach Her New Tricks

“Give her some tips to improve her game”

Maybe you’re actually a fan of the same sport. If you manage to hit that kind of jackpot, then good for you–the two of you can compare or contrast tricks, and that means that you’ll have something else to talk about and bond over in and out of the bedroom. You’d be surprised how much this can really help you win a lady over. They really want to hear your side of things, because they want someone that’s going to talk to them seriously about the sport that they really do love.

Of course, there’s no need to be condescending about anything. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean that you’re inherently better than her. In fact, she might actually be the one teaching you new tricks about whatever sport that she’s into, and if you don’t think that’s hot, you’re just plain wrong. A capable woman is a sexy woman, and you should learn to really be into that kind of confidence. If she has something to teach you, go for it. You can always teach her something of your own in the bedroom later on.

Tickets to A Game

“Take her to her favorite game”

If she’s into a sport, go out of your way to give her great seats to go and see it in person. Getting her tickets to a game can be a great prelude to an amazing evening in bed, and that’s why we really think that if you’ve got a sports lady on your hands that you should go out of your way to cater your hookups that sort of thing.

The right tickets are going to really get on her good side. While you don’t have to buy her affections to really get in bed with her–or at least, you usually shouldn’t with most hookups–this is just one more way to really get to know her better, and to make her realize that you give a damn about her and the things that she is interested in.

Obviously, you can also enjoy yourself at the game, too. There’s no one to tell you that you can’t enjoy the exact same sports as her, and that you can’t make use of those tickets even if she decides to cancel on you or something like that. They’re just a way to really get her closer to you, and trust us, it usually does work. You’ll be able to impress her with this special treat, and that means a lot when it comes to hookups in general. Good luck no matter what you decide, and have fun.


Skills She Doesn’t Expect You To Have That Will Impress Her

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You might think the skills that will impress women would be obvious. Women like a guy who can dress well, has money, take care of them, pay for things. Well, we’re here to tell you that really isn’t the case at all. There are some very basic things that a man can learn how to do that will get you surprisingly far. For example, men making pancakes is apparently a pretty serious turn-on for women, according to

Keep in mind that pancakes are not hard. We’re talking about some mix and an egg, which gets her eating out of the palm of her hand. It’s time to take your dating strategies to the next level. We’ve put together some basic skills you can easily pick up that will really drive your lady wild and impress her.


“Impress her with your cooking skills”

This one is pretty obvious, but when you meet Canadian women, one of the first things they wonder is whether you can cook. As surprising as it might sound, a lot of guys still haven’t mastered this skill, even though it’s relatively easy. We’ll also let you in on a little secret: it’s a serious turn-on for women, since they’re never expecting it. Ladies love a man that can cook, and you don’t even have to be that good at it. Women like being taken care of, especially in a society that commonly says they should be the ones in the kitchen. Being able to cook is not only a useful skill to have in general, especially as an adult, but also makes you look secure in your masculinity. If a woman isn’t already turned on enough by the fact you can make her dinner, the display of confidence will give that extra boost you need to really wow her. If you’re one of the guys in British Columbia who can make those killer pancakes the morning after, you’ll be stud of the year. You can find a ‘how to’ guide to meet Canadian women here: The Meeting Women Guide: Reviews and Tips to Find Women in Canada. Get some good strategies for dating and impress your woman.


“Take her to a museum date”

There’s a lot to do in British Columbia, but one of the easiest ways to impress your lady friend is to do something cultural. This can include a museum trip, a gallery walk, the symphony, or theatre. Culture runs the gamut. If you’re not into visual art, for example, then go to a play instead. The other bonus of cultural dates for the artsy lady is that there’s lots of opportunities to do free things. You can get everything from free admission to drinks if you check out the arts scene. Even if your date isn’t into art, you can also spin it as doing something different, and expanding your horizons. In fact, if you try doing something with art, and you both end up not liking it, you have something in common to laugh about. It’s easy enough to just leave, anyway, if you’re not paying for it anyway. You might want to go online and check out any specific events that are happening. There are tons of free arts activities to do too on any given night, including music and theatre. Any cultural organization is going to list their events on either their website or a local arts events listing site, so you can find all the information you need on the Internet.


“Women do notice”

Women don’t always expect guys to have manners. It sounds like such a minor detail, but believe us, it makes a big difference. The skill of etiquette can be as simple as being polite, or as complex as knowing in what order the silverware goes at a formal dinner. The point is, etiquette skills make you seem like a confident, adult man, and super suave. When you know how to behave, a woman feels safe and impressed. She wants to be seen with a man who knows how to carry himself and has social grace. It’s like seeing a smooth operator at a fancy restaurant with two women at his side, all dressed up, and throwing themselves at him. You don’t even have to have a lot of money. You just need the posture and confidence, and that comes from feeling like you know what you’re doing.

Brushing up on etiquette isn’t hard. Just hop online and look up some relevant skills. For example, if you meet Canadian women who are interested in fine dining, go ahead and look up that fancy silverware order. Learn how to order something in French. Doing a little research can take you a long way, and you’ll already know where you’re going and what you’ll be doing if you set up the date beforehand. Pick a restaurant where you can exercise your newfound etiquette skills, and sit back to watch the magic happen. She won’t know what hit her, and pretty soon, you’ll be that guy with beautiful women all around him, too.


“Know when to quit talking”

This is the most basic of skills, but the fact of the matter is: some people just don’t know when to quit talking. Better yet, some people just don’t know how to keep things under wraps. We all know that women are usually the ones who gossip, but it’s a shockingly rare quality to find in people today that know how to be discrete. For example, let’s say that you’re told at a party that a friend’s girlfriend is about to blow up at him because he’s been cheating. There’s about to be a dramatic scene. Most people just stand back and wait for the drama to play out. However, if you have an opportunity, give him a heads up before she gets to him. Take him aside and give him a warning, so they take it outside. Sure, this is great for your friend and you want help him out. The added bonus, though, is that your date is going to watch all of this go down, and she’s going to be impressed with your social maneuvering skills. She’s especially going to notice the fact that you know how to behave in a discrete manner, which is the mark of a true, adult man. That’s the kind of guy a woman wants to date and be seen with. Not only can you handle yourself, but you can also handle everything around you. Showing you have discretion translates to a cool and controlled approach to life. When you meet Canadian women, you have to go in knowing that they have high expectations. If you can prove you’re a smooth operator, you’ll win their approval quickly.


“Dress for the occasion”

Women like a man who knows how to dress – that stereotype is true. The thing is, though, having fashion sense doesn’t mean plastering yourself in designer labels. What will really impress a woman is class. Tweak your wardrobe and learn some facts about attire. It’s the classy man that can really pull of cufflinks, or some other traditional accoutrement. Don’t be afraid to wear a really nice, leather jacket. Shine your shoes up. If you take little liberties with your appearance, it might seem old-fashioned, but in fact, it comes off as sophistication. Women deal enough with former frat boys. What they’re really missing is a guy that’s young enough to date, but that has enough class and style to pull off all those mature details. Confidence impresses women, but a man that carries himself well and notices the details is the one who really stands out.

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What to Do When She’s Not into Your Games


Just because she is a gamer does not mean she is going to like the same things you do. The fact that you managed to land someone who likes games at all is still a great thing, of course, but just being into video games in and of itself is not going to make her more likely to agree with you about them. More than likely, it will just make her more opinionated about them. This can become a real sticking point when you spent all of that time digging up a comparison of hookup dating sites just to end up with someone who despise what you spend your free time playing. Is it a deal breaker, though? In the end, that’s up to you.

Find Out Why

“She likes other genre”

The first step on the way to resolving any clash of ideas is to find the root of the problem. What, exactly, is it that she dislikes so much? In a lot of ways, this can be a clear indicator of what to expect later in the relationship. Opinions are, after all, indicative of more deep-seated beliefs in some way. Rather than escaping back to because something you like is becoming a very big problem between the two of you, consider getting to the real root of the problem. We guarantee that whatever has been said on the matter, if she is actually really upset about something like this it has a whole lot less to do with your gaming preferences and a whole lot more with the games themselves. She is afraid to make a judgment on you based on the games you play, because she sees something so fundamentally against the grain of a cornerstone belief that it is frightening to think you might agree with it.

Of course, the likelihood that this are actually that bad is pretty slim. Unless you only play one specific genre or game all of the time, more than likely it is a matter of taste and you don’t have to get too morally or theologically concerned just yet. In fact, unless the discussion immediately moves to something separate of the game itself, chances are she just thinks you have poor taste. Sometimes it’s not even really that bad. Most of the time, she just does not enjoy the same thing and does not want to deal with the games or with you liking them. How do you tell which situation you are in? Well, you can be certain that anything she has a deep and divisive issue with is going to be stated outright. Whether it means calling a game out on the content, or its treatment of certain characters or themes, chances are she is going to tell you up front what it is she is so digested with in that game. If she just does not like the game itself, that genre, or finds it boring, the previous won’t be mentioned hardly at all and it really does not need to be a huge concern.

How Important Is It to You?

“Do you really want her to play video games with you?”

Just as important as figuring out where she stands and why is asking yourself exactly how important it is to you for her to enjoy the same games you do. Really wanting to spend time playing video games with the woman you are dating is going to make this a much more important thing to address than, say, just disagreeing with her taste. Likewise, if she is making a really big deal out of the themes and other meta commentary, the chances you need to address this situation are a great deal higher than if she is just saying she does not like the game, genre, or how it is played. Deciding first how important it is for her to share a game with you is step number one in dealing with this situation. Really consider it, not because we think this is a lot less important than it needs to be, but because a lot of the time people undervalue just how much this is going to affect them. You can learn some tips on a site like Check this great site rating here: Get our complete rundown on this dating site and get some interesting insights about what women like.

Be Prepared for Compromise

“You have to compromise, if you want her to play”

Part of figuring out if you should bring this up or go back to your comparison of hookup dating sites has to do with the extent to which you are ready to compromise. It also has to do with how profound this issue is to her as well, but in most cases a difference of opinions on hobbies is not enough to bring down a relationship all on its own. If you feel like she is putting an inordinate amount of pressure on something like this, you might want to reevaluate the situation. Compromise when she is incensed about meta analysis more than just your preferences is going to feel a lot harsher on your end of things than in most cases. In this case, it is usually best to just be willing to hear her out and understand that whatever it is you enjoy has some elements that really upset her for utterly valid reasons. Making sure she knows you respect her opinion on the matter can lead to a compromise of just not playing it or talking about it around her and save you a lot of time, effort and sacrifice on the topic. Trying to drag it out and prove her wrong is more likely to blow up in your face than anything else, leaving you without a girlfriend or without a favored game. Make your choice.

On the other hand, if she is mostly teasing you or getting on your case for liking a certain genre because it is different from what she likes, this is pretty easily fixable. If you really want her to play with you, the compromise might be for her to try it for a while at least, but that you will stop bothering her if she really does not want to play after that. On the other hand, if you just want her to back off, you may have to consider doing the same for something you say or do that really bothers her. Be prepared for her to bring it up in the conversation and ready to address it even if it seems unrelated.

Can You Find and Alternative?

“If you can find an alternative, then good for you”

If all else fails, keeping away from your comparison of hookup dating sites and focusing on finding an alternative to the game is your best bet. When it comes down to it, anything you are upset over not being able to share is really easily replaced with something you can both agree on. Most couples focus so much on their differences that they end up forgetting everything they share with one another. This is not something new, different, or specific to you. Rather, it has everything to do with human nature and something you will actively have to fight against. That is why finding an alternative is very viable alternative. She does not want to play the games you like right now, but that does not mean there is not another game out there you can both enjoy together. Stay on the look out and keep her preferences in mind until you find the perfect combination: we promise it’s out there.

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Things Women Think Are Turn Ons That Actually Turn Off Men

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“The expression on his face tells you everything”

Women and men are turned on and off by distinctly different things. You might be surprised to find out how many of the things you think are complete turn offs are actually appealing to women, and it is in your best interest to be fully informed about what these things are. When you understand the reasons for a woman’s actions, you can use that knowledge to influence and steer the course of events between you. So study up! In order to be a master player, you have to know that women are playing by a different set of rules, and then turn them on their head to get what you want.

Talking About Feelings During a Discreet Affair

“Who cares about feelings when it is a onetime thing”

So you’re having a discreet affair and it is all good. You’re having great sex, your spouse hasn’t caught on, and life is feeling pretty damn good. When done right, discreet affairs have lots of positives! courtesy of And then, all of a sudden, your mistress starts talking about her feelings for you and how she wants more. When navigating a discreet affair, this is the last thing you want to deal with! In fact, it turns you off so much that you’re seriously considering ending things on the spot. Until this moment, you thought you were on the same page with your fling. So what happened? Women are notorious sharers of feelings, and for them, developing and expressing attachment is a turn on. So how do you handle it? In this situation, you have to be firm and swift. Let her know that you enjoy your discreet affair, but if it takes a turn in that direction, you’ll have to end it immediately.

Constant Communication

“Sometimes they are not in mood to talk”

Another major area of difference between men and women is the matter of how much communication is wanted. If you’re like most guys having an affair, you’re probably turned on by the fact that you can have great sex without the relationship interfering or overlapping with any other areas of your life. It’s a total turn off if the chick starts calling and texting all day long, and you can’t sit down at your computer without her popping up on Skype or Instant Messenger. Start by kindly telling her that you’re very busy, and give her parameters for when and how to contact you. If she pushes those boundaries, don’t respond, and she’ll get the hint. Once in a while you might come across a woman with no regard for your space. If you do, run like hell.

Playing Hard to Get

“Playing hard to get don’t always work”

A lot of women seem to think that men only want a woman if she plays hard to get. This is less a matter of biology than social conditioning. Women are taught from a very early age that this is what will keep men interested in them. With an affair, this is a complete waste of time. You’re looking for fast, easy sex without drama or games. You don’t want to spend your precious free time chasing after a woman who is going to make you work that hard to woo her into bed. Set a time limit on how long you’re willing to play this game without getting laid, and stick to your guns. Keep it brief. The more time that passes, the less likely it is that she’s ever going to hop into bed with you. If she still hasn’t put out, move on. There are plenty of women out there who will be eager to jump from hello to hot and bothered without all the buildup.

Socialsex Can Help You Avoid These Irritations

One way to avoid some of these irritating turn offs is by joining Socialsex. It isn’t a foolproof guarantee, of course, but it will make it much easier. And when you read more about it you will learn a lot of the women there are tired of the games, too, and they’re looking for fun, fast, no strings sex. By signing up for Socialsex, you’ll gain access to a whole new world of affair dating. Because everyone on the site is looking for the exact same thing, there are fewer opportunities for miscommunications and mixed signals. Most guys using Socialsex say that one of the things that makes their memberships so rewarding is that for the first time in their lives they’ve been able to find women who are ready and willing to abandon all of the traditional relationship trappings in favor of flings that are sexy, fun, and free from any overtones that it might eventually turn into something more. If you’ve ever found yourself in the sticky situation of trying to navigate an affair with a woman engaging in these behaviors, you’ll find the site to be a refreshing change of pace. An affair should turn you on, not off. Why settle for anything less?

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Can MS Surface knock down the iPad?

Category:All | Mobile & Tech

“Is it Possible?”

“Is it Possible?”

When the iPad came out, tablets became an iconic centerpiece. Apple has then become a market leader and this year, Microsoft released its latest tablet device to compete with the iPad. Can the Microsoft Surface beat the dominant iPad in the tablet world and is the Surface a better choice against the leading tablet? Let’s discuss how the Microsoft Surface stacks up.

Hardware Specifications

The MS Surface looks sturdy and sleek and it can match Apple’s build. It’s longer and narrower as compared to the iPad. It’s a thicker and beefy tablet which makes it heavier than the iPad. Kickstand and Touch Keyboard are features that make it a stand-out from the iPad. The built-in kickstand makes typing and viewing comfortable especially when you’re using it on a tabletop or a desk.
The MS Surface has a widescreen layout while the iPad has a traditional 4:3 screen ratio. Because of this, displays will look sharper.

Processor and RAM

“What’s the Difference”

“What’s the Difference”

MS Surface uses Intel Core i5 which is almost the same processor found in the MacBook Air. The iPad uses a dual core processor which makes the MS Surface a winner when it comes to processor speed. MS Surface RAM has a 4 GB of RAM plus it has a Micro SD slot which means that users can add up to 64 GB of extra space. The iPad only has 1 GB of RAM. Wireless -MS Surface has Wi-Fi support whereas iPad can be both used on WI-FI and 3G/LTE.


Given that MS Surface has a more powerful processor than the iPad, its Intel Chip can drain its battery. It may last for around 4 hours whereas with an iPad it can last up to ten hours. The iPad is still the king when it comes to battery life.


If the camera is important for you, the MS Surface is not a preferred choice since it only has about 1-megapixel. iPad has a 1.2-megapixel on the front and 5-megapixel at the rear.


MS Surface lets users create different accounts upon using it. With its start screen, you will see a tiled interface and you just need to move from side to side to browse through the tiles. Touch the tiles to perform the function it supports. It comes with Microsoft Office Programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It’s like your regular desktop PC just turned mobile with live tiles. Microsoft aims at being simple and touch friendly with the traditional elements of desktop MS computer.
When it comes to Apps, the iPad has over 200,000 apps whereas MS Surface has only about 80,000 apps available. With today’s tablet users, apps are very vital.


Clearly the MS Surface can’t knock down the iPad. Both tablets are strong enough to drive different types of consumers on their end. Both tablets cater to different types of user. If you’re the type who loves using Windows, then you may choose MS Surface. If you’re in for apps and for longer battery life, then iPad will work for you.
MS Surface is taking its stand in the market tablet and it may or may not beat the iPad in the tablet market! Let’s just wait and see!

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The Key to Online Dating Safety

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“Introduce yourself to online dating”

“Introduce yourself to online dating”

You desperately want to do it. You get online dating service with hopes to finally throw in the towel then start screaming all night through. Wrong, and wrong again. Online dating is never for desperate people. Online dating opens the door for you to meet your special someone for a long time more than just a partner for a single night. That’s right, and right again. In fact, studies show that there is a rising percentage in its success. The majority of today’s population knows one person or more who met their partner online. Customarily, it has imposed danger and availing the service spelled the clients as victims but things have changed for the better, if not for the best.

“Look for the perfect match”

“Look for the perfect match”

Plunging into internet dating will work for you as it has done several other couples now into long-term committed relationships and enjoying them. Follow these tips and open your door to a relationship while having the assurance of a safe venture:

Most of the online dating sites offer guidelines for beginners. Otherwise, seek the assistance of a younger friend in getting you familiar with the technology in case you do not know the way to get started.
Do not mislead people by making public a false identity such as age, background, or personality. If you are establishing friendship, neither of you would like to know that you are liked or loved as somebody you are not. Remember that you will not remain friends without faces for a long time. Somewhere along the way, there will come a time that you will have to meet up and know more about each other. Starting a relationship with a lie or lies will end up untrue as it was started.
Browse the internet for a website appropriate for you. They are designed for specific interests and types of personalities.
Being honest does not mean you do not safeguard your identity. Use only your first name or nickname during the initial stage of the conversation, providing more details as you get to know each other more and finally meet in person. A legitimate online dater practices this and as such will understand if you do it.
Give out a cellular phone number rather than home phone or work phone. This way, you can easily change if circumstances warrant.
Suspect anyone whenever financial information or money dole out is involved, be it direct cash, check, or money order.
Do not rush into personal meeting. It is in taking time that you see the inconsistencies in the behavior. A telephone conversation is a better gauge than over the internet because you get a better sense of compatibility check.
Arrange a meeting up in public and keep it short. Have somebody knowledgeable about your plans.

Take the time, self-protection, and common sense an online dating requires for an experience that is safe, sound, and successful.

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3 Ways to Make Time for the Gym

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“Want to shed extra pounds – make time for gym”

“Want to shed extra pounds – make time for gym”

Gym membership can be pretty expensive. Then again, if you really want to lose weight or stay fit, it is just the right investment for you. For most people, the concern is not really the membership fee, but rather finding the time to go to the gym. If you have the same concern, read on. This article will give you 3 tips on making time for the gym.

Wake up really early

“ Always good to wake up early”

“ Always good to wake up early”

This has worked for a lot of people. If you used to wake up at 7AM and still not find time for the gym, you may have to wake up earlier. You have to be up by 5 or 5:30AM depending on how long you wish to stay in the gym as well as its distance from your home. Don’t worry about being too early because there are people who go to the gym at this hour. Also, there is a better chance that you can use your favorite exercise machine during this hour of the day.
For some, waking up this early is a bad idea. In reality, doing so can be very pleasant. The gym is quiet at this time and your body is also more prepared for it especially that you just had a good night’s sleep. Moreover, you can enjoy your day without having to worry about the gym.

Schedule a gym date!

“Set a date and mark it in your calendar”

“Set a date and mark it in your calendar”

There is a better chance that you will show up in the gym if you schedule a date with friends or co-workers. This is a great way to make the most out of your time. You are not only exercising, but you are also socializing with others.
Your spouse is also a great gym date. It can be good for your marriage, and working out together can just give you the motivation you need. It also serves as alone time for the two of you.

Quit the gym and look for something different

If you cannot find time to go to the gym, then you should just give it up. Perhaps it is not meant for you. You can go with sports teams and play during weekends. Being part of a running team is also a good idea. You can take part in training and participate in running events.

Anyone who finds time to go to the gym and works out religiously will see positive results. As wonderful as it sounds, we know that visiting the gym requires a lot of time and effort on your end. Stay motivated and look for a way to be in the gym regularly. If after several attempts you still cannot find your way to the gym and make use of your membership, think about something else. After all, the gym is not the only way for you to lose weight and stay fit.

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3 Trading Precious Metals Tips

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In the recent turnout of economy where recession is sporadic and more and more people are scared of losing their jobs in an instant most people can only think one thing: starting a business. Starting a business and nurturing it at the same time while you are doing your day job might be a little hard to imagine, but when desperate times call for desperate measures, everyone is expected to adapt and surpass these hard times in order to survive. Trading precious metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum have been around for years and for those who are already familiar with it can readily attest that there are some good bucks in the trade only if you know what you’re doing. So for those of you who want to try this field out, here are a few tips on how to work around in dealing with such valued lustrous metals:

Keep in mind that Market Commodities are not always stable

“Keep a track of the changes in market”

“Keep a track of the changes in market”

Having this thought constantly on your mind keeps your subconscious to be extra careful with trades all the time. Trading metals or commodities in general can be quite tricky because of fluctuations, so being familiar with the market movements is always a good attitude towards the business.

Know your Clients and Suppliers

Being connected to the right people will not only boost your profit but your network too. Trusted suppliers are key ingredients to a successful trade because not only will they provide you with the merchandise you can earn from, they are also a big part of keeping up your reputation in delivering quality products. Another tip is to vary your product line and its prices according to the demands of both current and potential clients. Do not be afraid to play a healthy competition with your competitors.

Know Your Product

“Know the products you want to invest in”

“Know the products you want to invest in”

Being knowledgeable in what you are dealing with is what good traders are made of. If you have familiarized yourself with your metals even before you attempt on trading them, chances are profits and improvements in your business will always be on your way. Not to mention, being knowledgeable would also protect you from crooks who are offering you with nothing but fool’s gold.

Trading metals like any business can be tricky but being able to study both your goals and the risks you’re getting into being already halfway there. Remember that in any business the chances of making it always rely on perseverance, hard work and dreaming big. If you can dream it, then you have all the means to do it. Choose an investment that does not only promise big profits but also tickles your interest as an individual as well, in this way, your business will not feel like work at all.

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How To Ask And Get Your Dream Promotion

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“ Thinking about asking for a promotion?”

“ Thinking about asking for a promotion?”

There comes a point in an individual’s career wherein they feel the need to move on up by getting a promotion. The problem is, the thought of asking the higher management for that possibility is enough to give anybody an anxiety attack. The good news is there are a few good ways to get around the feeling of intimidation. You can’t just let yourself fail once you put yourself out there, can you? Yes, we do understand that there’s a lot of heavy competition going on, but isn’t that what makes the prize that much sweeter? Before you let fear get to you, we have rounded up some of the most excellent tips on how you can ask for a promotion—and actually get it.

When should you raise the subject?

It’s hard to determine, what is the perfect time to make a move, but most individuals opt to “pop the question” at their annual review. You don’t really need to wait that long though, if your annual review is months away. If you simply can’t wait and you think that now is a perfect time as any, then you can request for a private meeting with your boss. From there you can ask what he or she is looking forward to deserve a pay raise or a promotion. It is important that they provide you with the specifics so you’ll be clear on what else you’re lacking (if there’s any).

Get ready to take that giant leap

When vying for a promotion, there should be no second thoughts, no hesitations. If this is what you want, then this is what you should go after. Show your boss that there is no other person right for the job. Do your research, and do it well. Work on a plan and prepare ahead of time even before you raise the big question to your superiors. Prove to them you’re ready for that next step, by starting with your strengths and what you have already contributed to your department and the company as a whole. Prove to them your loyalty and how you’ve gone far and beyond your efforts to make the projects you’ve worked on to be a big success. This is no time to be modest about your accomplishments. You are going to need some heavy convincing if you want to start climbing up the corporate ladder.

Show them you mean business

“Talk straight to the point”

“Talk straight to the point”

One of the biggest mistakes one can make after asking for a promotion is lying low and waiting for any signs of development. This is another chance for you to show them your perseverance and determination. You can casually mention it to your boss once a week or so. Your boss will surely be reminded of how willing you are to advance.
There you go folks three ways on how to make the burden of asking for a promotion lighter. You’ll have a bigger chance of getting it for sure. Chin up! The world is full of possibilities!

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